Alaska’s Top Football Team: Lathrop (Fairbanks) High School, Staff, Players

The Lathrop (Fairbanks) High School football team is one of the top teams in the state of Alaska. Their impressive record and success in recent years has earned them a well-deserved reputation as one of the top teams in the state. Led by an experienced coaching staff, the Lathrop (Fairbanks) HS Football team has become a force to be reckoned with, both on the field and off. With their hard work and dedication, the team has consistently achieved success and continues to set the standard for high school football in Alaska.


Lathrop (Fairbanks) High School has been home to the Alaska High School Football program since its establishment in 1904. Over the years, Lathrop (Fairbanks) has consistently produced some of the top football talent in the state. The team has won multiple state championships and is a perennial powerhouse in Alaskan high school football. The team has had numerous college prospects over the years, and many of its players have gone on to play professional football at the highest level. Today, Lathrop (Fairbanks) continues to be one of the top programs in Alaska and is a favorite among many football fans.

The Team

Lathrop (Fairbanks) Alaska High School Football has been dominating the high school football scene for years. Led by Head Coach Dave Liss, the team is composed of a talented and dedicated group of student athletes who are committed to excellence on the field. The team is comprised of a variety of players from around the state and beyond, ranging in age from freshmen to seniors. They have earned numerous championships and state titles throughout their successful history.
The team practices daily, working hard on all aspects of the game and honing their skills. This hard work has paid off as they have advanced to the playoffs each of the past four seasons and have won two state championships in that time. The team is known for their physical style of play and their ability to impose their will on opponents. They are also skilled at adapting to whatever situation arises during a game, allowing them to adjust their strategy to achieve the best possible outcome.
Off the field, the team is just as impressive. Members of the team are involved in various community activities and are seen as positive role models in their community. They participate in various service projects, such as food drives, clothing drives, and clean-up efforts. The team is an inspiration to its local youth, showing them that hard work and dedication can lead to great success.

The Fans

The fans of Lathrop (Fairbanks) Alaska High School Football are some of the most passionate and dedicated supporters in the state. Every Friday night, the stands are filled with cheering students, parents, and local residents who come to show their support for their beloved team. Whether it’s a home game or away game, the fans are always there in full force, cheering on their team and supporting them no matter what. The team has become an important part of the community, and the fans truly embody the spirit of Lathrop (Fairbanks). They wear their team colors proudly, and their enthusiasm is contagious. The Lathrop (Fairbanks) High School Football team is grateful for its amazing fans, who come out each and every week to show their love for their team.

Lathrop Football Staff

Head Coach: Luke Balash

Lathrop Football Players

Luke Skinner

Kaine Clayton

Solomon Wade

Antonio Franco

Earl Parker

John Levi

Dakota Sifford

Ryan Thomas

Jenner Webb

Isaac Corcoran

Jacob Ridley

Tyler Clooten

Rylee Corbett

Daniel Sullivan

Jirah Simeta

Leday Williams

Cherub Adeniran

Aijon Augustine

Oschaun Easaw

Jewitt Hill

Marlon Mease jr

Aaron Johnson

John Tanner

Ben Levi

Cody Webb

Jaren Johnson-horton

Tyler Skinner

Naqkara Mckinney

Charlie Rogers

Dylan Duncan

Rick Davidge

Geronimo Talo jr

Geronimo Talo

Wayne Snowden

Henry Rayburn

Kevin Spears

Jacob Johnson

Eric Rengiil

Wyatt Johns

Jake Moyer

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