Alabama High School Football in Thompson (Alabaster) Staff, Players : What to Expect

High School Football in Thompson (Alabaster) is an exciting and popular sport. Every year, football fans come out in droves to cheer on their favorite teams and athletes. From the first kickoff to the final whistle, the stadium is filled with energy and excitement as the crowd cheers on the players. Whether you’re a football enthusiast or a casual fan, attending a game in Thompson (Alabaster) is a great way to enjoy some of the best high school football in the area.

The Team

Thompson (Alabaster) High School football is a proud tradition in Alabama. The team is comprised of dedicated and hardworking student athletes that represent the school with distinction. The players are coached by an experienced staff that works tirelessly to help them reach their full potential. The team regularly competes for state championships, making it one of the top programs in the region.
The team practices and plays hard, but also emphasizes fun and sportsmanship. During practices and games, you can see the enthusiasm and energy of the players as they strive for excellence. Off the field, the players take part in community service projects, such as visiting hospitals and attending charity events, to further promote the positive image of the team.
The Thompson (Alabaster) High School football program has a strong connection to the local community and its citizens. Many local businesses and organizations sponsor the team and provide them with support throughout the season. It is not uncommon to see residents of Alabaster wearing Thompson jerseys on game days, showing their pride in the team’s success.
At Thompson (Alabaster), high school football is more than just a game. It’s an opportunity for the players to grow and develop into better people, a way for the community to come together, and a source of pride for all of Alabaster.

The Fans

Thompson (Alabaster) High School Football is incredibly popular with local fans who show up in droves to cheer on the team every Friday night. The community loves the game, and you can feel the energy in the air when the lights come on at the stadium. Fans can be seen decked out in the school’s colors, shouting out team cheers, and chanting their favorite players’ names. It’s no surprise that attending a Thompson (Alabaster) High School Football game is an experience like no other, as the passionate fans make sure that their voices are heard throughout the entire game. Whether you’re rooting for the home team or the visiting team, you’ll be sure to be surrounded by enthusiastic supporters that are just as excited to be there as you are.

What to Expect

Thompson (Alabaster) High School Football is a great experience for all involved. The team is filled with talented players and dedicated coaches, making for an exciting and competitive game. On the sidelines, the crowd is always energetic and engaged, providing an unforgettable atmosphere.
The team is filled with skill and passion, and they play with heart. Whether it’s offense or defense, you can expect a hard fought game with a lot of excitement. The players are fast and strong, so there is never a lack of action on the field.
The fans are also an integral part of Thompson (Alabaster) High School Football. Every game is well attended and the crowd is vocal, cheering on their team. Everyone loves to be a part of this great tradition and it shows in their enthusiasm.
Overall, if you are looking for a great experience watching high school football, Thompson (Alabaster) High School Football will not disappoint. With passionate players and dedicated coaches as well as enthusiastic fans, you can always expect an exciting game!

Thompson Football Staff

Head Coach: Mark Freeman

Assistant Coach: john DeFoor

Assistant Coach: Mike OBerry

Thompson Football Players

Anquon Fegans

Aj Green

Jaiden Brown

Deuce Oliver

Tony Mitchell

Trey Knight

Jasiah Ward

Roman Mothershed

Jake Ivie

Michael Dujon

Caleb Ballard

KB Williams

Jayden Davis

Kolby Hearn

Kaleb Harris

Zach Sims

Hayden Garrison

Elijah Williams

Noah Hicks

Noah Streeter

Peter Woods

Trent Seaborn

Dakota Murphy

Omari Thomas

Dylan Campbell

Anthony tyler Hicks

Joey Nowak

Cooper Dorough


Bo Jones


Joc Fegans

Noah Hill


Seth Green

Caleb Fox

Dylon Willis

Payton Lewis

Travis Mcdaniel

Vini Pires


Angel Jones

Zamiere Wirt

R.J. Evans II

Ken Hagler

Jacori Gaddis

Pryce Lewis

Kobe Herlong

Jalon Mcelderry

Khalid Boykins

Reid Van Zandt

De’Shawn Murray

Cameron Wells

Vickor Kyatt

Diesel Ivie

Peter Ramil

John Mcguire


Trenton Cheatom

Gabe Binion



Balin Daniels

Damiko Tabb

Cohen Scott

Riley Bowen

Taurus Rose

Vladik Valasiuk

Trent Mccorvey

Kevin Davis

Angel Diaz

Justin Sankey

Mason Garrett

Ryan Walker

Rush Crawford

Hunter Holtzman

Jakorian Gilbert

Matthew Heard

Cooper Mills

Dylan Marquess

Livan Rodriguez

Noah Watts

Logan Crain

Zach Felton

Zayden Felton

Braydon Saylor


Sam Cunningham



William Molan

Steven Lillich



Evan Moore

Stanton Ramil

Marley Cholewinski


Anderson Harris

Dalton Willis

Dante Hunt

Ethan Yager

Brooks Byars


Stone Smith



Trakel Howard

Jacob Bonilla

Matthew Wilkerson

Carter Woods

Tavares Gordon

Hayden Mcdonald

Trent Green

Jacary Mccurry

Shefton Thomas

Phillip Douglas

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